Monday Missive: A Call to Activists & Academia

Our social and environmental worlds are a cyclone of unwavering destruction. For the first time in decades, the calm eye of the storm is de-centering from traditional ways of knowing and being uprooting and unsettling millennia of privilege. As the eye of the storm rocks, unsettled on these bases of traditional power and privilege social activists and academics search hurriedly for ways to harness this disruption. The hope is to create, upon resettling, a more equitable landscape for man and planet alike. However, the deeply entrenched polarization of activist and academic must itself realign in order to realize these soaring goals.

Even with the rise of globalization, pluralism, and focuses on diversity the silos of academia and activism remain largely intact. Activists for their part distrust large institutions of higher

education as traditional centers of power and privilege that historically perpetuated inequity. While academics are still weary of anything untested, unproven beyond traditional ways of knowing and being. However, each is trying ardently to create a more equitable, healthy, just global community. Unfortunately, if we could get there alone, we would be there already.

We need to step out of our moral absolutism where our story is the only key to success. We need to stop and hear, really hear the wisdom of stories dissimilar from our own. When we hear stories our brains couple. We need to surf the same wavelength, so that our different experiences and ideas can create a new, higher wavelength. It is here, united and bolstered by common goals and vastly different skill sets that we can overcome these crisis of global proportion. We can settle the cyclone of destruction revealing new equity to man and earth.

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