If culture eats strategy for lunch, what creates culture? StoryYour organizational story is the foundation for culture. This story, if thoughtfully curated, provides the map from where your organization came from and where it wants to go. Your organizational story isn't just your mission and vision, it is how and what you communicate and what your employees have to say about it. If the train is off the rails, this is where you start. Culture is also The Who of your organization. While much is made of DE&I, it has a dramatic impact on culture and profit. The key is to train with story and not shame. The why, how, and who of an organization can lead to conflict. You can't make money if you're managing conflict. Create a roadmap to harmony and a culture of teamwork. 

Organizational Story

Your story is what drives your organization. It tells where you came from and where you are going. It tells the employees the why and how of their daily lives. It lays the map for everything your business does. Change your story; change your outcome. 

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity

While DE&I have gotten a lot of attention lately these are not new issues. Research shows that companies that are more diverse and inclusive are more profitable. Our trainings use story not shame to get everyone moving in the same direction. 

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Conflict Resolution

Peace equals profit. It is difficult to run an organization when your employees can't seem to get along. Whether it is top performers or whole departments  we use story to map a way to peace and harmony.

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Ground your culture in diversity, inclusivity, and harmony. Create a better story.

Want to improve culture and increase profits?