Equity Training Through Storytelling 

Do you ever watch a movie or read a book and wonder why on earth that character would do such an inexplicable thing? Only later to learn that something in their path drove them to do such a thing and in order to defeat the villain or win their true love they must face their past, reconcile it with what they truly want so they can win or be happy or defeat the bad guy? Turns out life is one big story. We each have our own stories and they interact with the stories of everyone meet from your boss to the person you pass in traffic. We use our stories to make sense of the words and actions of others. It’s how we make sense of our world. However, the stories we use to explain our interactions with others and the world are driven by our backstory. We just might not realize it yet. 

We use pop culture references to help even the most reluctant participant to understand their role in creating a more equitable organization and workplace. 

We have trainings malleable from the executive suite to the manufacturing floor. We can help you harness the creative power of a diverse and equitable organization.


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