SE Consulting is founded on the constructionist theory, which says our world is co-constructed through the words we speak and the dialogue we engage in. Individuals, organizations, schools, governments, and non-profits often struggle to utilize cutting edge research when communicating to diverse populations. This results in access and engagement gaps furthering social, economic, and cultural divides. We believe that intentional, informed communication can help support all populations increasing access, engagement, and equity. We meet these needs through strategic planning, detailed analysis, expert training and coaching to enable all communities to experience the vibrance intentional communication offers.

Mission Statement:


    To increase equity by giving individuals, organizations, school systems, and non-profits, the tools to utilize and leverage informed, intentional communication.




    To communicatively construct a world where unconscious bias, -isms, and systemic oppression no longer exist. By supporting and altering basic approaches to how high impact organizations communicate we can increase engagement and co-construct a more equitable reality.

Stephanie Elie-Martin, MA in Communication & Leadership,
Doctoral student

Stephanie spent the first 15 years of her professional experience circling the labyrinth of leadership. She hit all of the proverbial brick walls of the male-dominated industries of construction and manufacturing and was sure to be chased by more than a few queen bees. While getting her Master’s in Communication and Leadership at Gonzaga University, she realized that the challenges she had faced ascending to and maintaining leadership positions were a hallmark of being female in the workplace. Her passion for diversity, inclusivity, and equality was born in a supernova of passion and the life changing desire to make an impact in the world. She left her position in the corporate world in September of 2019 to pursue a career in communication & equity consulting. She now helps organizations, schools, governments, and non-profits increase access and engagement through informed, intentional communication. She is also a professor of equity, communication, and leadership at Gonzaga University. In her free time she is doggedly pursuing a PhD, engaged in equity research, and started a non-profit aimed at helping young women find their voice and understand the gendered world we live in. She is a proud wife, mother, and aspiring farmer. 

To learn more about Stephanie check out her website: www.OneStephanieAnn.com