Communicate, lead, achieve.



MA - Communication and Leadership

PhD (C) - Leadership

Writer, leader, coach, researcher, speaker

Stephanie has dedicated her life to understanding how to communicate and lead well. After 20 years leading organizations, she decided to invest in understanding the research and reason behind success and failure. She now spends her time actively researching communication and leadership. She applies what she learns to teaching in higher education and helping organizations apply the forefront of research to improve their organizations and lives.

When she is not working you will find her in her kayak or the garden. 

Business Consultant


We focus on cutting edge organizational research so that you don't have to. You focus on your why and we provide the how. 


Apex /ˈāpeks/n: The top or highest point of something.

Leading is tough, but the apex awaits. 

com·mu·ni·cate /kəˈmyo͞onəˌkāt/v: share information, ideas. To pass on to another.

lead /lēd/n: An initiative or action. An example for others to follow.

What are you communicating and where are you leading?


"Stephanie's expertise in storytelling is off the chart! She helped us commit to and communicate a story that continues to inspire our students, staff, families, and community to unite, persevere, and Rise As One! Stephanie will unlock gifts in you as a leader you did not even know existed!"

Dr. Ken Russell / Superintendent / RSD

“The principal, Stephanie Elie Martin, is a gifted and visionary person whose group facilitation skills are exceptional. My own experience in this are is extensive as a longtime member of WSU Extension (25 years). I wish I could have worked with Stephanie during that whole time. I know true talent in this area, and she is the "real deal" for certain."

Nicholas Lovrich / Professor Emeritus / WSU

Forward movement takes the addition of new energy. We provide a supernova to propel you to the top.



We all communicate, but do we do it well? What we say creates our reality - what are you creating?


How you get there matters. Sometimes it's difficult to see the path through the weeds. We help you get there.


How do you align to achieve your goals? How do you get ahead? We can show you how to get there.