Organizational Cartography


The map to success begins with a story



I'm an Organizational Cartographer and Storyteller. I spent the early years of my career working in organizations across a broad range of fields. My early flexibility allowed me to see the divergent challenges most businesses face. It's as though the story and the map were the same regardless of the environment. Success isn't limited to an elite few, but it is limited by your story. Most organizations are capable of radical success, but your stories, the organization's stories, and the stories of employees usually creates a map to mediocrity. I help individuals and organizations recreate their stories intentionally mapping them to a brighter future. 


Success is in the story.

Stories are not just the fables told at children's bedside; they are the maps that guide our lives. Our brains are complex story creation machines working largely outside our conscious awareness.

Want to fix the problem? Fix the story.

Organizational Cartography maps your story to your success. Your success or failure is in the map your story makes.

This isn’t some new age marketing ploy, it’s a research backed ethos that has the power to transform your life and your organization. 



Culture is driven by individual and organizational stories. The answers to conflict, lack or communication, and under performing teams all lie in stories.


Sales is all story. If you don't know where you are going, you're not going to get there. 


Growth requires sales and culture. You can't grow without writing a new story and creating a map to get there. 

1:1 Coaching

Whether for yourself or an employee coaching can help untangle a hidden story of struggle.